Rack Card and Display

Custom Rack Cards

Rack cards are a suitable marketing tool to enhance your brand awareness. Whether your business is in the entertainment, restaurant, healthcare, or retail industries, custom rack cards are easily suitable. They're also an excellent tool to educate potential and existing customers, placing them in many different relevant places.

Improve Customers' Attention for Purchase Decisions

Placing a rack card at transaction points increases the likelihood of customer engagement. Featuring various discount options, a well-designed rack card prompts customers to read through it and potentially make different purchase decisions. Ensure it includes a clear call-to-action, high-resolution photos, highlighted text, and essential business information to maximize effectiveness.

Three Different Rack Card Examples
Branded Rack Card Examples

How To Use Custom Rack Cards?

You'll need to identify where your target audience spends time: restaurants, hotels, beauty spas, etc. Make a deal with these establishments to promote your business using the rack cards at their establishment.

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Rack Cards
Rack Cards
Rack Cards

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