Brodnax Printing goes back to the late 1950s when the legendary print wizard, John Brodnax, showed the Dallas creative community how to lay down some lithographic magic with an ordinary 4 color offset press. His craft and determination drove a generation of designers to push for new possibilities of ink and paper pressmanship.

Today, Brodnax 21C Printers are still old-school craft printers, only now we're driven by a really big brain. A brain that's one part proprietary software application and one part human ingenuity.

We can take your unique marketing challenge and tailor a 360-degree, data driven print or hybrid solution that is every bit as sophisticated as an internet cookie that chases you down after you've done a little online shopping.

That's printing with brains and brawn. And that's what we mean by Brodnax 21C Printers.

HD Lithography

we're still old school printers, only a lot better

In the good old days, printing was man against machine and the machine usually won. Taming a gnarly offset press required a pressmen with the superpowers of a Formula One mechanic and the unflinching eye of an artist. That was John Brodnax. That was his spirit and it's still ours everyday.

Today, our new UV presses run better, print faster and do more cool things. But they still need the Brodnax pressman to make the magic happen. For us, it's not about the equipment lists because equipment means nothing without our talented people to get the job done right.

Large Format

We can make your big idea huge.

Austin City Limits asked us to create this cool guitar chart with really long necks. We said, "That sounds like fun."

The truth is large format printing presses are not unusual. Most everyone in the business has one in their shop. But, as we mentioned earlier, what comes out of Brodnax is different because Brodnax people think differently. If the question is can we do it, the Brodnax answer is always YES.

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