The History of Brodnax 21C

Brodnax 21C Printers is a renowned printing technology company known for its innovative solutions and exceptional quality. Let's delve into the fascinating journey of the company, from its inception by John Brodnax to the present day.

John Brodnax, a visionary entrepreneur, founded Brodnax in 1956 with a clear vision to revolutionize the printing industry. Armed with a deep understanding of emerging technologies, John set out to develop cutting-edge printing solutions that would exceed customer expectations. His passion for innovation and commitment to excellence laid the foundation for the company's success.

Brodnax 21C also established itself as an industry leader in environmentally friendly printing practices. Recognizing the importance of sustainability, the company actively pursued initiatives to reduce waste, minimize energy consumption, and develop eco-friendly printing technologies. This commitment to environmental responsibility not only earned them accolades but also resonated with environmentally conscious customers.

As the company looks to the future, it remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of printing technology, embracing emerging trends, and delivering superior products and services that empower individuals and businesses alike. Brodnax 21C stands poised to shape the future of printing, reaffirming its position as a key player in the ever-evolving digital age.


Our Mission Statement

"We strive to offer best-in-class marketing services through technology and innovation with unmatched customer service."

"We build on relationships.
We don't look at an order as an order, we look at it as the beginning of a relationship."

Our Leaders

Jim Singer, Co-Owner Brodnax 21C Printers
Jim Singer


Mike Campbell, Co-Owner Brodnax 21C Printers
Mike Campbell


Chap Sturgeon, Co-Owner Promo
Chap Sturgeon

Co-Owner Promo

Jimmy Singer, CFO
Jimmy Singer


Meg Paxton, VP of Sales
Meg Paxton

VP of Sales

Paul Sherman, IT Manager
Paul Sherman

IT Manager

Jonathan Francis, Technology Services Manager
Jonathan Francis

Operations Manager

Employees in Action

Award-Winning Print

Brodnax 21C is regularly awarded by industry groups for our cutting-edge print products and we would love to snag a few more on your behalf.

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Brodnax 21C Printers Sustainability Overview

Brodnax 21C has partnered with PrintReleaf so we could offer our customers a real sustainability program that will reforest the equivalence of their paper and fiber-based material consumption. Unlike other programs currently offered, our program allows for every client to participate, requires no signups, no red-tape audits, or expensive license fee's. If you print with Brodnax 21C you will automatically be participating in the program and will receive documentation showing your participation along with social sharing options.

What is Reforestation and Carbon Offset?

Reforestation is the process of replacing or restocking existing forests and woodland areas that have been depleted through deforestation and clearcutting. PrintReleaf, together with their partners, guarantees tree survival positive growth, and allows for the selection of areas to support around the world. Carbon Offset is the process of purchasing "carbon credits" that are spent across ongoing global projects aimed at reducing carbon footprints. PrintReleaf calculates the exact number of Metric Tons of CO2 that need to be reduced based on the total number of sheets printed per project.

How does the Sustainability program work?

This is the easy part. Brodnax 21C submits job data monthly to PrintReleaf containing company name, total of sheets printed, paper type, and total quantity. The PrintReleaf program captures this data on a per client basis and calculates the forest harvest impact (biomass) and the carbon emissions associated with manufacturing the paper. Then, on behalf of the client, issue the credits around the world to their Forestry Partners that include Eden Reforestation project, Plant with Purpose, NuaTree, OneTreePlanted, WeForest, and Trees Water & People.

How can we show others that we participated

When you print with Brodnax 21C you are automatically enrolled in our sustainability program. Monthly, you will be emailed Customizable Marketing Materials that include a lifetime Impact Certificate and Social Media Sharing Opportunities. You will also have a link to an online profile that includes a website widget if you wish to advertise it on your website. You will also have a QR Code that is instantly generated that you could have included on your artwork that when scanned, takes the end-user directly to your online profile showing off your lifetime achievements. Your profile even shows who scanned your code